O nas


By co-creating and experimenting we connect people and ideas. By setting challenges for ourselves, we grow with you.

We produce innovative results with the help of design thinking, applied improvisation and facilitation techniques.


Ana Osredkar

MSc in Economics

Ana has studied in the fields of economy, marketing and business management, and has always been very passionate about creativity. The ability to think holistically and strategically enable her to integrate all elements into projects that are designed holistically and solve problems.

Her rich experience with facilitating workshops and meetings are reflected in effective and precise communication skills and particular attention to team dynamics. When solving problems, Ana always
uses a user-centred approach and incorporates empathy in their solutions.

Amedea Derenda Mujezinović

B. Eng. in Graphic and Interactive Communication (UNI)

Amedea’s work is driven by dedication and attention to details. On top of her design skills, she is a
very curious person with the ability to step out of her comfort zone. She is a spontaneous researcher,
who translates complex system insights into visually inspiring presentations.

Her passion for service design, empathy and orientation towards results are always present in
planning user researches, user interface planning and creative workshop facilitation. When she is not
developing new solutions in a successful Slovenian start-up company, she is busy building friendly
long-term relations between Ljubljana and Sarajevo.

Ana Kyra Bekš

MSc in Design

Kyra’s motivation and energy ensure the projects are carried out from start to finish. Her
organisational and visual communication skills are reflected in outstanding results. Process
facilitation, mentoring, managing and integration of game elements into various contexts are things
she enjoys doing the most.

She is experienced in managing bigger and smaller design projects, particularly those that are based
on the integration of stakeholders in positive social changes. She leads by example and her passion
for teamwork.

Marko Horvat

MSc in Design

Regardless of what he is doing, Marko has always a clear vision in front of him – introduce positive changes in the environment. Having experience in directing, animation and illustration, he possesses a wide range of skills and expertise he employs in his work. Content and process visualisation are always present in his work.

A relaxed and down-to- earth attitude helps him to communicate and establish genuine relations with
individuals. Prototyping and testing are his favourite things – when ideas come alive and become
tangible solutions. He can view every context from different points of view and this is reflected in the
harmonization and integration of individuals into effective teams.